Downtown Beastley Boulevard is a blog designed for hardcourt action, written by yours truly, Beastley Boulevard.

The blog would mainly focus on my lifelong team, the Miami Heat. I would still try and cover all the other 29 NBA teams as much as possible, though. But growing up liking the Heat, they would be the centerpiece of my blog and would likely get most coverage.

You would also see daily updated rumors, news, and gossips around the web written here fresh off the rumor mill. Reporting has been my thing for a year now. I've always enjoyed my Twitter reporting and have already helped thousands of people by bringing the hottest NBA news right to their Twitter accounts. I would also try and do my best doing that, this time, in a blog.

If you got any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. Just tweet me (@beastleyBLVD) and let me know.

Happy blogging!