Friday, June 10, 2011

Is This It for the Heat?

Who remembers that Celtics season opener where chants of "Overrated!" surrounded the stadium as we lost? Or that Philly game where we won our very 1st game with this unit? How about the home opener against Orlando where we won in convincing fashion? That Nets road game which ended up as our first blow-out win? That heartbreaking loss at N'Awlins? That bounce back highlight filled-win against the Nets? That stunning loss against the Jazz where Milsap went apeshit? That 2nd loss to the Celtics at home where people started to panic? That blow-out win against the Suns highlighted by Joel's airball dunk? That heartbreaking loss at the buzzer in the hands of Rudy Gay at Memphis? That terrible blow-out loss vs. Indiana at the AAA? The bumpgate at Dallas? The ass whooping King James delivered as he returned to Cleveland? Our first visit at MSG? That spectacular miracle win in Washington?

Who could also forget that Lakers Christmas ass whooping? That Bucks OT win where Chris Douglas-Roberts went nuts? That "F**k you" win at Portland? That Clippers loss which started a 4-game losing streak? That Raptors game where Mike Miller went into god mode? The Thunder game where we saw Eddie House do the big balls dance? LeBron's 50+ point game at Orlando? Our 3rd consecutive loss vs. the Celtics? That Pacers game where Wade and Bron connected on that 92 ft alley-oop? That Bulls game where Wade almost single-handedly won it for us? That Knicks game which was the beginning of doubts on our team? That Orlando choke game? That brutal blow-out loss at San Antonio? Heartbreaking loss at home vs. Chicago? The statement win against the Lakers? That historic Rockets game where the big 3 all had 30-10's? That terrible loss at Cleveland? That Raptors game where Eddie House and Jamaal Magloire secured us homecourt against Dallas right now?

How bout that gritty first round against the Sixers? That clutch-filled Boston series? That spectacular ECF ass whooping showing Chicago who's boss? The collapse against Dallas in Game 2? The LeBron 8 pt game in Game 4? And now this game tonight?

All of those gone and now comes this moment. Is this Miami Heat team truly ready for their biggest challenge amongst all? Can they put together one last run to prove all the haters wrong? Can they win 2 straight pressure packed games to win it all and avoid crumbling against pressure? Can they?!?

All of this coming to a waste just because of an epic collapse back in Game 2? All of this coming to a waste just because of another choke job and a disappointing game by LeBron? All of this coming to a waste just because of  terrible defense in Game 5? Blame the refs all you want, but I shit you not. If anything, the Miami Heat can only blame themselves for this hole they're standing at right now. It's up to them to dig theirselves out of it and come out on top when it's all said and done.

I've stayed optimistic all season long. All playoffs long. All Finals long, yet this just feels different man. You could tell this is not the Miami Heat. They can do better. We know that and they certainly know it too. They have 2 final chances -- with no room for mistakes. If you want to get crowned as champion, you need to play like it. All is not done for Miami. Win both home games and they win the title, if they can't, then they don't deserve to be NBA champions. Simple as that. The thought of Dallas holding the trophy at the Heat's house absolutely sickens my stomach. Anything but that. ANYTHING, I tell you.

I still want to believe but the Heat's latest play really discourages me to do so. There's been too many let downs so far but that doesn't stop me from having faith. It ain't over til it's over. Here's hoping we'll still witness a parade down in Biscayne BLVD when it's all said and done. Let's go Heat!

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