Monday, June 6, 2011

Settling The Wade vs. LeBron Debate

Let me start by saying im not a Wade nor Bron fanboy but I've seen this debate a lot in many places and I wanna share my thoughts about it......some people will agree and im sure others will also disagree with me.

As much as I really hate naming accomplishments behind a single individual completely ignoring the rest of the team, here's how I see it:

LeBron's slightly better and more talented than D-Wade, but D-Wade in my opinion has the better killer instinct and leadership DNA. LeBron can still kill you with heartbreaking daggers of his own (just like the BOS/CHI series) but I just really prefer D-Wade's killer mentality more. This is nothing against LeBron since either way, they're both great in their own right. Oh, and they play for the same team, too, mind you what. Personally, I root for the Miami Heat. I don't root for LeBron or Wade. I support the whole team and judge them fairly as much as I can.

Assuming it comes to that point, I dont really care who wins Finals MVP  if/when the Heat win. I wouldn't give a flying f--- if they give the award to Juwan Howard or say, Dexter Pittman. I just want the team to win and take home the trophy, but as much as I like both Bron and Wade equally, there's no doubt that if/when we do win it all by the way things are looking so far, Wade seems to be the leading candidate for Finals MVP unless LeBron errupts in the next few games and Wade performs average/below average, which is certainly possible. I have a feeling that LeBron would explode pretty much soon since it's been really average games so far by his standard, I just hope it doesn't ruin our flow and he plays it smart within the system. But like I said, I dont even wanna go to that first since this series is still not over and I still view Dallas as a serious threat.

To dig things deeper, Wade wont be killing Dallas right now if it wasn't for Bron killing the past few rounds as well, you could throw in Mr. Boshtrich in there too since he's made some terrific timely clutch plays himself. The media will do everything to make it look like Shaq/Kobe 2.0 and form an imaginary feud between the two of them but truth be told, everyone deserves credit and all 3 wouldn't even have teamed up in the first place if they only prioritize theirselves before the team as a whole. But im sure the haters would still fail to see the truth and instead, just go on with the typical "Lolz LePippen sucks, he's a Robin hehe. " type of posts. Completely foolish, retarded and stupid. Like what I previously said, im also sure the media will try their best dividing the team attempting to make a rift. In fact, that already has begun -- you could see an example on what im talking about in A-Woj's latest article in Yahoo! Sports pinpointing who's the real alpha dog. All I can do is just shake my head.

It definitely seems that Wade does have the upper edge over LeBron at the moment - but did we really easily forget how LeBron was the Heat's best player in the regular season and in the post-season before the Finals came? Are 3 Finals games enough to convince you to turn around 360 degrees and say Wade is the sole reason why Miami's winning and inching closer to a title or why LeBron's a Pippen? No disrespect to Dwyane - and I understand why some people see it that way since he's been Miami's hero since 2003 and is no doubt one of South Florida's best sportsman of all time, but this is just unfair to LeBron to some sort of extent. Again, I have no agenda here. I love Dwyane Wade just as I love LeBron James and Chris Bosh, but I feel LeBron is completely being underrated here and has been the target of foolish and undeserved cheap shots. Did you see that reporter getting owned by LeBron last night for trolling him? I guess LBJ really does have an amazing defensive game, on and off the court. He could definitely still play better since he's been really average so far, and while I feel it's more of him struggling than what Dallas is doing, I do give some credit to Shawn Marion and the Mavs. We have yet to see that "WOW" game from LeBron, but I got a feeling that's coming pretty soon. He still has 4 games to catch up and elevate his game higher to another notch. We all know LeBron doesn't plan to stay quiet for the whole series and will dominate soon, but again, I just hope he plays it wisely and smartly. Hopefully, he does it in the proper structure of the Heat's system and not force things way too much just like Game 2.

And to add one last thing to the "If we do win, the Finals MVP goes to........." debate, I feel this is why things are going the way we're seeing so far: Dwyane Wade has a better match-up than LeBron has. You know Dwyane will go absolutely apeshit anytime the likes of Jason Kidd, (with all due respect, is too old) Jason Terry, and DeShawn Stevenson goes up against him. LeBron on the other hand, has a tougher match-up even though he's the better player. Miami's just playing it correctly by riding with the flow. Since Dwyane has the better and easier match-up, why not exploit and abuse it as much as possible? Hats off to Dwyane for doing so, so far. Same for LeBron and Chris for playing it smart by understanding this is not about Dwyane, but rather for the betterment of the team as a whole by stepping back and putting in solid contributions since this isn't the Bulls series anymore where Wade struggled mightily bad while LeBron and Chris had their way against Chicago's defenders. Wade clearly has the best chance of dominating among all three so you go with it the most, no question. Also, one thing. I've noticed that LeBron's average/off-night games are way better than Dwyane's average/off-night games. Miami's blueprint of winning game 3 featured a lot of LeBron on other sides of the floor - be it defending, playmaking, and so on.

To sum it up - if you're a true team fan or a logical outsider, you wouldn't care who's gonna end up better between LeBron and Wade. Like me, you should only care about the Miami Heat winning the championship as a whole. That's been our goal since July and we're not gonna sit here and be dissatisfied just because of fighting who's better. LeBron and Dwyane respect each other way too much, I can tell you that. They're like true brothers, and I guarantee you they won't care who's better than who or who gets what, the only thing they care about is winning and they'll focus in doing so in the upcoming 8 days. That's all what matters to them and that's all what should matter to us too, well of course -- unless you're a LeBron/Wade fanboy or a Heat hater, then all of this really doesn't matter to you. Some Heat fans still fail to see and understand this, but soon enough all of you will realize how blessed all of us Heat fans are right now seeing both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James play in the same freaking team willing our team to wins and championships. Having a third guy like Chris Bosh doesn't hurt too, you know.  This is just the beginning of something special. Both Wade and LeBron are the undisputed the leaders of the team. This "Who's team is it?" argument really needs to die. And if you want an answer from me regarding that question, it's Micky Arison's team. After all, he owns the Heat franchise, right?

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