Monday, May 2, 2011

Celtics vs. Heat -- Breakdown of Game 1

Boston Celtics 90, Miami Heat 99: FINAL

Quick tweetform (as always) on my thoughts about the Heat's game 1 win drawing first blood against the Celtics............

- To start off, I was VERY impressed by the crowd last night. I guess they finally learned how to fan up.

- The starting tandem of Big Z and Bibby was still horrible, though they did have some small positive contributions.

- By his standard, LeBron wasn't really on it offensively. His defense, though. That was spectacular. Great night overall for the King.

- Dwyane Wade. Beast. 'Nuff said.

- Chris Bosh. Ahhhhhhh. Wrote several times that he will be a huge key for this series if Miami wants to win. Fortunately for the Heat, Garnett didnt take advantage too and they ended up canceling each other out with mediocre outings.

- James Jones. Damn. Keep it up, son!

- After a great Game 5 vs. Philly, Chalmers disappeared in this one. Still need to step up as the Heat would like to see more from the bench, particularly from the point guard position.

- Joel Anthony is all about heart. Cant respect him enough. He came up big and hopefully he would mantain this high energy level to help Miami win the series.

- Mike Miller (yes that dude) actually stepped in the court and played. By our expectations, he's still horrible obviously, but the effort was there and I actually thought he had a decent game.

- Rebounding was another point I talked about. 39 apiece in Game 1.

- Boston still had tons of chances, but the Heat eventually punked em with physical play.

- The D on Ray Allen was nice. Good defense, but better offense by Jesus Shuttlesworth.

- Still, overall, I think this Heat team could play way better than this game. Same could be said for the Celtics. Game 2 should be some great stuff.

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