Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Melo to New York Talks Heating Up?

According to several media outlets, there has been common belief that Carmelo Anthony still has New York up high in his wishlist. Their package allegedly consists of Eddy Curry's expiring contract, recently acquired forward Anthony Randolph, and a future first round pick from a third team. The Knicks have also kept the door open regarding the possibility of a Danilo Gallinari trade.

New York is confident that a deal could be reached anytime sooner or later. Denver is starting to soften their trade stance, and are now poised to entertain negotiations regarding a potential deal.

There have been whispers that both front offices have already exchanged internal discussions -- mostly focused on Anthony Randolph. The New York media claims that Denver aren't pursuing Derrick Favors anymore. Favors was the centerpiece of a four-way deal that would've brought Anthony to the Nets. A move to New Jersey now appears to be unlikely.

It has also been noted that current Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire, who signed with the team back in July, appears to be pushing for a deal that would see him pair up with Anthony in the Big Apple.

This may only be the start of big things to come forth soon, though. It appears that New York would also push hard for Hornets All-Star guard Chris Paul, who would become a free agent in 2012. The Knicks' best case scenario would be netting both Paul and Anthony -- pairing him up with Stoudemire. It is believed that all three had already talked about the possibility of teaming up in New York to form a dream team, much similar to that of Miami's. (Which in case you didn't know, consists of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh)

For now, Anthony is poised to start his season in Colorado. The possibility of re-signing with Denver still remains open despite the heated trade rumors coming out from the media. Anthony is believed to be keeping all of his options open and wants to exercise his flexibility as wisely as possible.

All hypothetical fantasy proposals, ideas, and questions have yet to face clear answers. Is Melo staying in Denver after all? Will Chicago come out from nowhere and grab him? Can the Memphis Grizzlies shock the basketball world and put up a proposal that would net him? Only time will tell.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Turkish team sets conditions for Allen Iverson

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish basketball team Besiktas Cola Turka says it is expecting a response shortly from former NBA scoring champion Allen Iverson on its conditions to sign a deal.

Sanem Helvacikoylu, in charge of foreign relations for the team, said Friday that Besiktas is a big club and has conditions in the contract, including "penalties." She would not elaborate.

But Turkish media has reported that Iverson asked to be exempt from penalties or he would agree to pay a fixed minimal amount.

Helvacikoylu says the talks are ongoing "without interruption."

Besiktas presented a revised version of the proposed one-year contract to the 11-time NBA All-Star this week.

Iverson is 17th on the NBA's career scoring list with 24,368 points over a 14-year career.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Allen Iverson to play in Turkey?

Weeks after failing to ink a contract in China to follow the footsteps of fellow former All-Star guard Stephon Marbury, sources close to the negotiations have insisted that Allen Iverson remains to reject the idea of completely retiring. Some believe that he would like to play for a few more years, wherever it may be, before hanging up his sneakers for good. It is believed that Turkey might very well be Iverson's next stop.

Several Turkish media outlets have also picked up on the Iverson buzz. Some believe that a deal is already done, but is just undergoing minor polishing with the insertion of some clauses.

If the deal goes through, it is believed that Iverson's deal in Turkey would total to $1.5 Million, including large bonuses and a percentage of advertising revenues.

Iverson averaged 13.9 points and 4.1 assists a game during his second stint with the 76ers last season.

Friday, October 8, 2010

"World Champion" Lakers Lose to Barcelona

Does this mean that Barcelona are now the new "World Champs"?

Not quite, but it does mean one thing from an outsider's perspective.

Excuses, smecuses.

Absolutely no reason to make an excuse for the Lakers losing to a team named "FC Barcelona."

This comes as the second loss that Los Angeles occured within the past week, previously losing to the Minny Timberwolves.

But was just pre-season.

The Lakers weren't in season form.....

Kobe wasn't 100% and only played for the fans....

Spain was playing home....

Bynum wasn't playing....

They were incorporating new players into the system....

Yeah right, Lakers fans. Well played.

Well, it's time to stop those excuses. Bottom line: the Los Angeles Lakers lost to FC Barcelona.

The Lakers' 2nd and 3rd stringers are just as good as majority of Barcelona's players. Heck, even LA's 15th man is better than majority of their players.

The Lakers blew a 12 point lead. The game came down to the starters. With an unbiased point of observation, it was way too obvious that LA was actually trying their best winning late into the game, putting their starters back in. It was their main guys' choice to win or lose. The game was very reachable.

They couldn't stop a guy named Juan Carlos Navarro, though.. Other teams have previously experienced and succeeded with similar competition like what Barcelona showcased, even without being 100%, yet....Barcelona still won over the so called "World Champions".

It's also another interesting case if Barcelona was actually a stacked powerhouse team. Well, they weren't.

The Lakers are already accustomed playing without Andrew Bynum. They're still one of the best teams up there without him. LA's starters played a total of 157 minutes, as opposed to Barcelona's 144.

Without downplaying the Lakers' greatness, I have respect for them. They ARE the team to beat this season. They ARE the favorites. But hearing some of their fans put up lame excuses are, well......................lame.

It was embarrassing for the Lakers whatever angle you look at it. If there's one thing that I loved about the game generally from both squads, it was their passion to beat each other, trying to slug it out and win it.

But wait, it's just pre-season.

The dude who's writing this is a Heat fan.

Kobe wasn't 100%.

I'm way too overreacting.

The Lakers were tired from their tour.

Wrong. Just stating out facts here, folks.

May you all have a good day.