Friday, October 8, 2010

"World Champion" Lakers Lose to Barcelona

Does this mean that Barcelona are now the new "World Champs"?

Not quite, but it does mean one thing from an outsider's perspective.

Excuses, smecuses.

Absolutely no reason to make an excuse for the Lakers losing to a team named "FC Barcelona."

This comes as the second loss that Los Angeles occured within the past week, previously losing to the Minny Timberwolves.

But was just pre-season.

The Lakers weren't in season form.....

Kobe wasn't 100% and only played for the fans....

Spain was playing home....

Bynum wasn't playing....

They were incorporating new players into the system....

Yeah right, Lakers fans. Well played.

Well, it's time to stop those excuses. Bottom line: the Los Angeles Lakers lost to FC Barcelona.

The Lakers' 2nd and 3rd stringers are just as good as majority of Barcelona's players. Heck, even LA's 15th man is better than majority of their players.

The Lakers blew a 12 point lead. The game came down to the starters. With an unbiased point of observation, it was way too obvious that LA was actually trying their best winning late into the game, putting their starters back in. It was their main guys' choice to win or lose. The game was very reachable.

They couldn't stop a guy named Juan Carlos Navarro, though.. Other teams have previously experienced and succeeded with similar competition like what Barcelona showcased, even without being 100%, yet....Barcelona still won over the so called "World Champions".

It's also another interesting case if Barcelona was actually a stacked powerhouse team. Well, they weren't.

The Lakers are already accustomed playing without Andrew Bynum. They're still one of the best teams up there without him. LA's starters played a total of 157 minutes, as opposed to Barcelona's 144.

Without downplaying the Lakers' greatness, I have respect for them. They ARE the team to beat this season. They ARE the favorites. But hearing some of their fans put up lame excuses are, well......................lame.

It was embarrassing for the Lakers whatever angle you look at it. If there's one thing that I loved about the game generally from both squads, it was their passion to beat each other, trying to slug it out and win it.

But wait, it's just pre-season.

The dude who's writing this is a Heat fan.

Kobe wasn't 100%.

I'm way too overreacting.

The Lakers were tired from their tour.

Wrong. Just stating out facts here, folks.

May you all have a good day.


  1. You got that right . Way to many excuses. They still celebrating championship win against Boston .

  2. At first I thought you were going to make an actual deal out of this game, haha. Pre-season form. I couldn't help but laugh, even though he played well, at the guy that Kobe kept laughing at. You could tell Kobe was thinking "dude, calm the fuuuuck down, this is a pre-season interleague matchup.... and I am coming off a surgery, stop fouling me and treating this like it's the championship".

    But really we learned that:
    -Kobe is not quite healthy yet
    -The newcomers still have to figure out the triangle
    -When you have your 2nd/3rd unit out there the final 3 minutes of a close game... it's not too serious: (Blake / Vujacic / Barnes / Carracter / Ratliff were the 5 trying to finish the game against FC Barc's starting 5.
    -RICKY RUBIO: continues to underperform against American players like in Fiba; in 19 minutes he had 3 assists, 4 turnovers, and went 0-5 from the field and 0-4 from 3pt land. So no, he still doesn't have consistent range by any means......
    -FC Barc won the game. They are a really solid team with 10+ players I really enjoy. But to be honest, I would put $10,000 on the Lakers if they were to play FC Barcelona in a serious regular season game, or better yet a playoff
    series. I'd predict Lakers in 5....
    -Overall though, FC Barcelona is loaded wit talent (funny how after watching all those Fiba games, and different countries, and how they've become familiar to me now because of FC Barcelona (and other Euro powerhouses). Vasquez the big guy is pretty solid, as well as many other players, like Rubio who was the MVP last season. I think the top 5 or so European teams could be NBA teams... though not playoff teams... but the European's top teams are finally at a near NBA level (though they have different rules and courts, and are still not quite as athletic/explosive; but they definitely are better shooters for a majority).

    -Pretty much I hope we just expand this league and add 2 more teams (FC Barcelona and Olympiakos) and let them truly be the team Toronto always tries to be.... I bet Barcelona would beat the Raptors in a REAL, SERIOUS matchup.

  3. As a European, I'm frankly offended by the naievity. FC Barcelona are a fantastic team, especially on their home court.

    They'd beat many of the NBA teams.

    As a European and Lakers fan, I'm not embarassed. I was at the game in London and could tell they're still getting over the summer and they were keeping something in for this game. It was like a supercup, and LA lost a close game to the European champions ... no shame at all.
    Don't be pathetic.

  4. Sorry, but like I told you, (just wanna get this out in public)

    I mainly wanted to make TWO main points and stick it out:

    1. Make SOME retarded Laker fans to stop the lame excuses and give FC Barcelona the respect and credit they deserved. I'm getting tired of people blaming it on excuses, blah blah. FC beat LA fair and square, dont act like they didn't work hard for it. So I'm actually on FC's side of the argument here, and rather applauding them than making them look like a 5th grade team who got a lucky win vs. LA.

    2. Make the NBA remove the "World Champs" label. Totally not called for and inappropriate.