Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Stephon Marbury

Recently, I had a chance to talk to Stephon Marbury, a former 2 time NBA all-star. He last played for Boston and has settled in China since. Just last July, Marbury and his Chinese club, the Brave Dragons, have agreed to terms on a 3-year deal. Marbury would like to establish his self and his Starbury brand globally.

Here's how our talk went by.

Q: Sup Stephon?

Stephon Marbury: [Just] Chilling.

Q: What do you think about the rumors of [Allen] Iverson taking your route and play in China, too?

Stephon Marbury: Not surprised.

Q: I actually think both you and A.I still got it and can do stuff, but gotta respect decisions.

Stephon Marbury: It never went anywhere on my part. I've just had to deal with the BS.

Q: I feel you. The media's been tough with you always. Guess it feels good moving on being embraced in China by a huge amount of people.

Stephon Marbury: The media made money off of us. They weren't tough on us. To some, money is [the] root of their lives. As I said before they tried to put me in.

Q: Do you have any intentions of going back to the NBA one day again if the opportunity comes?

Stephon Marbury: Nope. I love CHINA way better for me. The NBA was a nice stepping stone for me. I learned a lot playing in that league.

Q: Regarding [Allen] Iverson, He'll actually fit in China. It'll also help his character of being humble. His reputation has always been "Selfish", but he can prove them wrong there.

Stephon Marbury: They called him selfish when he couldn't make them anymore money. When his shoe and jersey was selling like water drops from rain, it was all good. Once that money train faded, he became all of the different things that you hear. They knew who he was before he got to the NBA, a 6 foot scoring machine.

They hate all people who stand for something and won't fall for anything. Its classic. I laugh when I hear these little men reporters speak the way they speak of Chuck and myself. Its personal but ok. They will always speak those names because what we've done is history weather or not they want to face that fact or not.

Q: Good read, all good points. Is it [really] safe to assume that you wont play in the NBA again? Even if Pat Riley gives you an offer?

Stephon Marbury: China, baby.

Q: Was it difficult for you adjusting to China after just coming from the States?

Stephon Marbury:

Q: I understand. [It's] crazy how you already sold 30,000+ shoes in China. Good to showcase globally for future athletes to do.

Stephon Marbury: We will see. As I said before. This isn't about me. This is about a legacy that will be lived on for the duration of the MARBURY dynasty.

Man you don't even know what's to come.

Q: I'm curious about your view on LeBron. Many legends have been criticizing him. Do you see something wrong with what he did?

Stephon Marbury: He didn't do anything wrong. He just didn't do what people felt was right. He had a choice and his actions indicated that he didn't want to struggle anymore.

Q: I appreciate the time, Steph. Thanks a lot. It's rare to see athletes like you interact these days, Thumbs up.

Stephon Marbury: All love.

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  1. Been a Marbury fan since his first And1's and even at Georgia Tech, good to see he's doing well. I think both he and Iverson will be treated for WHO they are rather than our media's portrayal of them over in China.